2012 // Let’s Start More Things

A lot of things happened in 2011, some were good and some were just another pain in the neck. Well, that’s the way life is I guess. A lot of people were crossing my ways during the past 356 days and I wanna say thank you for being kick ass guys and girls in almost every possible way.

Ralf Becker for being the initial spark. Eric for being definitely the coolest guy I know. Alex for moving to Switzerland. Jevgeni for delivering the best Vodka in town. Helge for trusting me. Andreas for having great furniture. Tom and Bert for being patient. Marit for understanding my taste in music. Nettmann for driving a Mustang II. Ulli for being technically advanced. Moritz for playing cards. Katharina for her calming influence. I’m sure there are a whole lot of people I forgot and I hope you know you are. Thanks for being friends.

A few new things are coming up soon. I’m gonna be at the Ford Fantasy Camp 2012, Stilsucht will become even more important to me, the new appartement shall be finished next year too and maybe I’ll have some money left for giving my Porsche a new paint job. It won’t be boring in 2012, that’s for sure.

Let’s start more things. Let’s be more creative. Let’s have even more fun. Let’s try new stuff. Let’s do everything a little better. It’s gonna be worth it.

© The photo was taken by d5e and it shows the staircase of my house 3 years ago.

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