For Love And Glory // Influencers Gonna Influence

I did a lot of digital stuff during the past six or maybe even seven years. I tried, learned, discovered, triggered, forgot, hyped, read, heard, saw, did, wrote, expected and said a million things. Every little bit paved my digital way in one way or another and I guess it’s about time for another step.

Though it seems to be a little inconspicuous to do it with just another WordPress blog, it’s much more to me. This is gonna be my digital playground and my collection of stuff that inspires me. Of course there are various other digital places with my footprints on it, but this is special for a simple reason.

A couple of weeks ago I’ve had a phone call with a guy that became a true friend and a mentor. The sentence that impressed me the most was: „I wanna see a Kai Petermann show finally.“ So here it is, Ralf. Thanks for the patience.

Though this digital thing is my business, I can’t take everything dead serious. Nevermind.

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