Back From Detroit // Good Night, Good Flight

Two and a half days Detroit. If you think this sounds a bit crazy, I have to admit you may be right. But how could I resist to have a look at the NAIAS and even behind the scenes of Ford’s Product Design Center? Right, I had to say yes …

First of all I have to say thank you. Thank you Ford (and especially all involved people) for making this trip possible, you did an absolutely brilliant job. Thanks to all the great people from all over the world, who gave me the opportunity to have great talks, lots of laughs and some very interesting insights at the Ford Fantasy Camp.

I’m still struggling to work through this amazing load of informations and impressions, but I’m getting a clearer image of all this slowly. So, there are still no cool pictures of all the stuff I’ve seen and all the things that happened, but some blurry photos I took during the departure in Detroit. It was absolutely phenomenal, very inspiring and – to use the words of Mr. Jeremy Clarkson – it was just mind boggling. But it also feels good to be back home.

And sorry for kind of quoting the famous Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond from Celebrity Deathmatch in the headline. I just couldn’t resist.

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