Cassette // A Documentary Film About The Cassette Tape

Back in the days we sat in front of the radio, holding our fingers on the record button of our tapedecks, hoping the the radio guy won’t talk during the song. And it took us a lot of time to get our special mixtapes done perfectly. When we loved a song we had to rewind the tape again and again and again and again.

Actually we really had to interact with the music we loved. Preparing a cassette tape for someone you liked was a very special process, starting with the perfect mix of songs up to the cover design. It was special in various ways and I’m glad the cassette is sneaking back into our lives.

Zack Taylor and Seth Smoot are preparing a documentary film about the cassette tape and there’s a Kickstarter project for this gorgeous idea. Can’t wait to get my download link and you should support it too!

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