Ford Fantasy Camp // I Really Should Have Taken More Photos

As mentioned a couple of times before the kind guys at Ford invited me to their so called „Innovation and Design Fantasy Camp”. Of course not just me, but also 145 other people from all over the world. This two day trip had a really tough schedule, but it was even more interesting and inspiring.

It all started with a dinner at „The Henry Ford„, an incredible place for every gearhead out there. The automotive collection is really fabulous and here’s the first time to admit I should have taken more photos.  Whenever you have the opportunity to get there, take this chance – it’s absolutely worth it.

After watching the sunrise in Windsor, Canada, Ford amazed almost all of us with their new Ford Fusion (it’s gonna be the Mondeo in Europe) at the NAIAS. This car is a big next step on Ford’s „One World – One Ford“ strategy and though I don’t care about sedans at all, I have to admit it’s a good looking car. Let’s see if Jeremy Clarkson joins my opinion as well. I really should have taken more photos.

During the dinner at the Ford headquarter we enjoyed 11 Ignite speeches. Jonathan Brand showed his incredible paper craft Mustang, which I have to pick up later again. Scott Monty, head of Social Media at Ford, drew some comparisons between Sherlock Holmes and Social Media. Every other Ignite speech was brilliant as well and actually I gave one myself. My presentation file can be found at SlideShare and I’m still looking for people who caught me on video. So maybe I can share that later.

One day left and we had a trip to Ford’s Product Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan. After a quick design discussion panel with Evan Orensten from Cool Hunting and Scott Belsky from Behance we had a guided tour visiting various development compartments. It’s quite interesting how much engineering became part of design issues. Besides motion tracking, clay modeling and user interface experiences, green thinking becomes more and more important to car manufacturers. Let’s see where this leads us/them. Once more, I should have taken more photos.

Later I met Ralf, who was invited by Mercedes-Benz. We grabbed some dinner and took the plane back home. As mentioned before, thanks Ford, thanks everyone involved, thanks everyone I met and talked to. This was an absolutely great experience – inspiring, informative, exciting and remarkably insightful.

Thanks to Markus for the Ignite photos.
Ford Motor Company paid for this trip and the hotel during the „Innovation and Design Fantasy Camp“ events, I did not receive any further payment. Everything I wrote about about this experience is my personal opinion and point of view.

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