No Pictures Please // How I Took Photos On A Furniture Fair Anyway

The great guys of MONOQI asked me to visit Germany’s most important furniture fair in Cologne. Of course not just for fun, but to write about it from my point of view. The reason why they asked me is pretty simple, maybe you might have noticed already I’m doing this design blog online magazine thingy called Stilsucht. Of course I said yes and the article I wrote can be found on MONOQI’s blog.

Well of course there was some fun involved anyway. First of all, because I met a couple of great people over there in Cologne. But I also had fun taking photos on a fair, where no one is happy about people with a DSLR. There’s a huge collection of photos on Facebook, maybe you want to check them out too.

Thanks to MONOQI for making this trip possible and you really should sign up for their great new online shop that’ll be launched very soon. Here’s your invite link.

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  1. Rain 

    Oh, I have so many kitchen disaster stories. I guess my most recent was a pancake mishap. I always have pancakes at least once on the weekend and I usually use a mix. Well, last weekend I di21&#8dn7;t have any mix, so I decided to go from scratch. I used the wrong flour the first time and they tasted just like the flour. Yuck! So I tried again. I burnt them on one side. FAILIn the end, the hubs took me out for a pancake breakfast at IHOP. So, my story had a happy delicious ending!

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