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Two and a half years ago I met Anders Färdig for the first time. He is the founder of Design House Stockholm, a publishing house for contemporary Scandinavian design. While we enjoyed the grand opening party of Design House Stockholm in Frankfurt, we just had a short, but very cool chat. I always wanted to talk to him again, maybe even a little longer. And sometimes it just takes a little while until things happen.

It seems like Design House Stockholm parties are a very good reason to meet Anders. Recently I was invited to the 20th anniversary party. In Stockholm, Sweden. Of course I couldn’t resist to accept, especially since the Design Week Stockholm took part at this time as well. The party was fantastic and I’m glad my gorgeous hotel room was just right across the street. I’ve talked to a lot of great people and learned a few new things about Scandinavian party behavior. These people know how to have fun. Though this was a pretty nice evening, I came for rather so called serious reasons.

After spending a lot of time at various Design Week Stockholm events and locations I walked through a winterly Stockholm, to visit Anders Färdig at the new Design House Stockholm headquarters.

After a few sentences he realized, we met before and I have to admit I liked that a lot. Anders Färdig is a busy man, but he spends a lot of attention on the details and he really is an impressive person. Before we talked about his company he showed me (one of) his favorite piece(s). As a proof how fascinating it is to talk to him, I didn’t take a photo of it. He came along with a small broken house, made of pottery. These houses are available in various sizes and there is one in his garden. Actually these houses are made for kids, to spend some time on their own. To Anders these houses are a place of peace and freedom.

While we talked about the new and old products of Design House Stockholm, we always came back to general issues of design. As imagined it was an absolute pleasure to talk to Anders. Though we actually just had 60 minutes to talk to each other, we spend almost one and a half hours.

By the way, it’s not just Anders Färdig, who runs Design House Stockholm. Of course there is a great team struggling together to make the world look a little bit more nicer. And each one of them has an important role.

Thanks for the coffee and your time sir, I will be back one day. Stockholm always is a really great place to visit.

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