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Either you really know this place or maybe someone gave you a hint, but you wouldn’t just stumble upon this great little workshop in Berlin Wedding. An incredibly warm welcome by Mona and David just gave me the feeling to know them for ages. In fact we just met for the very first time, but this doesn’t matter at all.

The spirit of Leevenstein hits you directly, it takes a few moments only. The smell of coffee and leather, the raw and genuine look of the shop … just everything feels right.

At Leevenstein you get handmade leatherworks. Handmade in this case means, you can sit there and chat a little, while Mona sews a leather belt. She is the one who knows how to handle leather, something she learned during her apprenticeship as a bespoke shoemaker.

David is a photographer and besides coordinating the press relations, he is responsible for new product ideas as well.

And finally there’s Rosita, a cute crossbreed dog. Her job is to protect and serve. And may also to look cute, while sitting in the middle of the workshop, begging for food and some attention.

At Leevenstein you get handmade belts, wallets, iPhone sleeves, bags, camera straps and lots more of very high quality leatherworks. Of course you can place your orders online, but I really recommend to visit Mona and David at Leevenstein. It’s totally worth it.

While sitting there at Leevenstein we also talked about cars and various other cool and manly stuff, but there’s one thing I really missed. David is David Biene. The great guy with the Hopped-Up book – watch out, he’s planning a second run and you can support that. (Maybe this makes Leevenstein even cooler, if that’s possible at all.)

Thanks for the coffee and the great afternoon with you guys. I’ll be back for some orders.
Here’s the full set of photos at Flickr.

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