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Sometimes life is a little weird, but I’m sure you know good stories have to be a little different from drop dead boring. This one happened pretty close to me and I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Ludwig Menkhoff – who lived from 1925 to 2008 – was a great photographer and for decades he took pictures of his neigborhood in Berlin Kreuzberg. After his death the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin released a book with Menkhoff’s work, called „Stationen sonstiger Augenblicke – Berlin Kreuzberg Fotografien“ and this is where the story really starts.

A plastic bag with photos was found and should have been the legacy of Menkhoff. Well, as mentioned before, life is a little weird sometimes. Peter Gormanns was a close friend of Ludwig Menkhoff and besides that, he is the father of my girlfriend. He also took photos of Berlin Kreuzberg during the same time and both shared photos with each other as well. When the book was released, we figured out, there were 18 photos of Peter Gormanns inside this book and 4 more taken by Siebrand Rehberg. So the Ludwig Menkhoff book rather became a Kreuzberg collection than a proper book about his work. Which he might have liked as well.

During the past weeks and months more and more people got in touch with Peter Gormanns and believe me, it’s absolutely worth it. Who knows what the future might bring … a book? We’ll see.

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  2. Jose Ramon Marrahi Canet 

    Very nice photos, Peter.

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