Rocking Chopper // A Toddler’s Dream Bike

A rocking horse is for sissies, that’s for sure. But when you’re just 3 years old it’s still a long time until you are allowed to ride a manly oldschool bike. Lucky you, if your dad is Felix Götze, who built this awesome rocking chopper for his kid two years ago.

I know a lot of boys who would kill for this beauty. Every detail is just perfect and I’m sure there’s no better way to become a really cool kid, than having this rocking chopper at home.

The e-mail address of Felix Götze is, if you have some questions about the bike.

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  3. Liam 

    Just enquiring about a price on the motorbike rocker

  4. Fernando Castillo 

    Can I order one?
    I’m in the USA.

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