Citroën // MonteNapoleone Design Experience

Citroën might not be the most successful brand in selling cars, but their style always has been special in the past decades. They always found a way to be special and innovative, without being loud. During Milan Design Week a couple of car manufacturers found a way to present themselves in more or less interesting ways. The French created some kind of time travel at the MonteNapoleone, a street in Milan, Italy.

Little red houses showed the design world of each decade starting in the 1950s. The ultimate top model of Citroën was parked beside this, unfortunately only a few people were attracted by these beauties. I liked almost all of the presented cars in a way and I really fell in love with this stunning CX.

At the end of the street there was even a little futuristic outlook, the Citroën Survolt flexed it’s electric muscles. I liked it, even though it would have been much cooler to experience the history of the French a little more. Anyway, enjoy the photos.


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