Derringer Cycles // A Heritage Of Speed And Danger

I discovered Derringer Cycles in 2008 and I still can’t get those little hellrides out of my head. Back then I also wrote my first article about Derringer on Chromjuwelen, another one followed some months later on Stilsucht. The years passed by and I think it’s about time to pick up this idea once more.

Almost nothing changed during this period, well maybe these things became even cooler. Inspired by board track racers rom the 1920s are technically based on bicycles. Some moto-hybrid drivetrain delivers all the power needed and though they don’t look like that, Derringer cycles are built for this modern age we live in. They have a range of 180 miles per gallon, which is pretty awesome an another proof how great the idea of classic looks and modern technique really works.

I still want one of these beauties. I’d even get myself a pair of period correct goggles. But in the meantime I might just order one of these really amazing t-shirts.

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