Jaguar XKR // Release The Beast

Call me kinky, but I always had a soft spot for British cars. So how could I resist to take a spin in the Jaguar XKR? It all started with some pretty high expectations. The guys at Jaguar always knew how to build a damn mean machine, just reading the technical specifications is quite impressive. To make a long story short, I came back with a big grin on my face.

The image of Jaguar might seem a little boring and … let’s call it well-aged. The XKR anyhow doesn’t fit into this mold. It’s rather a proper tool to make you forget your good manners and become a loud and rude kid with a serious toy car. The supercharged 5-litre V8 needs just 4.6 seconds to accelerate this huge beast from 0 to 60 mph. Being pushed into the so called Performance Seats feels unbelievably great. But it’s this dirty, rumbling and roaring noise, that forces your inner child to behave like an orang-utan at every traffic light. In fact it sounds like it’s spitting boring Asian compact cars and some serious fire out of the exhaust pipes.

It feels like releasing some very angry creatures from the deepest dungeons of hell and with every stop and go in traffic you feel the need to bring this big cat on a winding road or rather a race track. Because this is where this car belongs. This is no commuter car, unless you have to take the Nürburgring to get to your office. It’s just boring to drive this car in an economic way.

Which does not mean the Jag is uncomfortable. The suspension is quite sportive but not bumpy. Since I don’t care about boot space or the amount of cup holders in a car I won’t review any of those facts. The rear window is pretty small. But what do you expect to see there, except your rivals being slower than you?

There’s just three things that I would have made this test drive even better. Having a car with a proper roof, just some more time to enjoy this masterpiece of Mister Ian Callum and better weather conditions to take the photos.

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  1. Ibrahim 

    This is an absolutely befauiutl car, visually stunning with brilliant engineering. A hybrid car with F1 technology. I am definitely going to do my best to own one! Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of this car, . well what can you say? .OPEN YOUR EYES!

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