Ford // Is The Kuga A Kick Ass Car?

Durin Milan Design Week Ford exclusively showed their brand new Ford Kuga and I was invited to have a look at it. Three Ford designers were around to answer some questions and I took this chance to have a chat with them. Getting an insight is always great, in this case it was even a little cooler. Talking about design and cars at the same time really is my cup of tea.

To make it clear, I don’t get this SUV hype thing, probably I never will. Well, the Ford Kuga (or Ford Escape) is one of these so called Sports Utility Vehicles and I kind of like it, even though this car is no head turner. There is no mind blowing technology or revolutionary design, there is no breath taking über-engine and this car will never become an icon of car design. To be fair, the all-new Ford Kuga is a good looking, properly engineered and valuable car. I am just not the target group. (Actually I am, but that’s just a fact on the paper.)

The Kuga kind of sneaks into your life. It’s not flashy, excessive or loud. The design of Ford is high quality eye candy, you don’t get bored of it after 6 months looking at it. Ford is not known as a premium brand but actually their cars are pretty premium, yet affordable. If you really think about getting a brand new car, you should consider to visit a Ford dealership. Could be worth it.

Oh, and I still have to answer that question in the headline. Yes, this is a kick ass car, literally. The tailgate can be opened by kicking underneath the rear bumper. An interesting feature that leads me to another question. How much more weight does this add again?

By the way the Ford Mondeo is one of the really rare cars that is liked by all of the three wise guys from Top Gear. This is some kind of accolade for the guys in Cologne (and maybe even Detroit).

All photos were provided by Ford. Thanks for that.

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