teNeues // Car Design America

American car design is quite special. The bombastic Harley Earl and the extravagant Raymond Loewy created iconic designs, like the mythical Chevrolet Corvette, the amazing Ford Mustang and the impressive Ford Thunderbird. From the Cadillac fins to the Sports Utility Vehicles American car design is primarily known for its excesses and boldness. However, the USA was the first nation to recognize the creative and strategic potential of design and to create a system of brands, models and versions that set global standards.

From the Streamliner experiments of the 1930s up to the recent resurgence of the American automobile industry, this book is drawing intriguing parallels with the social developments of each decade. Over 400 original images from the manufacturers’ archives, Car Design America is an absolutely must-have for every car enthusiast.

© Car Design America – Myths, Brands, People, edited by Paolo Tumminelli, Dodge Charger, hardtop coupe, 1969, published by teNeues. Photo © General Motors, Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company.

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