Sealander // A Mobile Home For Almost Everywhere

Either you love caravaning or you don’t. I count myself to those, who prefer a proper house to sleep in. But the Sealander is different and maybe it could change some people’s minds.

Most of the time it’s gonna be towed by your beloved car. You’re cruising through nature and most people without a caravan will think your just an obstacle or a Dutch. But whenever you feel the need to explore something more than just asphalt or a camping ground, this is the only thing you need.

Just slip it into the water and enjoy some new possibilities. This masterpiece of German engineering is fully waterproof and I’m tempted to get a trailer hitch for my Porsche. Maybe. Very maybe. But it’s a convertible and I’m still not sure about convertibles. But I have to admit, this really is a brilliant idea and I love the way it looks.

I mentioned Sealander on Stilsucht before.

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