Citroën 2CV Hot Rod // Fabrication Gone Mental

The Citroën 2CV was released in 1949 as the french version of Volkswagen’s Beetle, an affordable people carrier making France a more mobile nation. Mika, a guy from Northern France, decided to build his own version of the well-known Tin Snail. And he’s gone mental with this project.

After pulling this wreck out of a shed, he started building a new frame with a proper slam. The technique of these cars is quite simple but Mika’s skills make this project something very special. His sheet metal works are really stunning and yes, he’s doing all this by hand.

A scene correct top chop, a louvered hood, banded steelies and an impressive love for the detail, everything is good old craftsmanship. The original steering wheel was a little too large after dropping the roofline that much, so Mika built one. Of course. Check out the amazing build thread, it’s worth every minute. This litte French Hot Rod is far from standard. Can’t wait to see the final jalopy.

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  1. Andreas 

    Hallo, tolle Arbeit! Gibt es noch mehr Fotos?

  2. stephane 

    bonsoire a toi

    quelle est la suite ????? super boulot mais quelle est la suite chanpion ?????

  3. mika 
  4. Walther Kaland 

    Like your car and big project ;-)
    My fififi1. car was a 2cv 1953 mod. 9 ps, same age as me…
    Good luck ;-)

  5. narman 

    ya, und ich mus auch sagen (aber meine deutsch ist nicht sehr gut) dies ist eine echt kool citroen!!!

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