Race61 // The Greatest Motor Family Meeting Around

Once again I was heading to Finowfurt, a small town north of Berlin. The reason is called Race61, an annual Rock and Race Festival. Like always it was great fun to spend a weekend at this former Russian army airfield, no matter whether it rains or shines. (And it rains pretty often.)

This time we made it to bring my girl’s 1971 Dodge Demon to the short track. It’s still not running properly, but at least I won one out of five or six races on Sunday. There’s some time left until the 16th Race61 next year to improve El Superbeasto a little.

It’s like a big family party, a lot of good friends are around each time and we’re having a monstrous blast and really much fun. Oh, and of course there are always a lot of nice motors around. Thanks to those who put a lot of effort into this gorgeous event. Much more photos can be found on Flickr.

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