Chromjuwelen Motor Öl // The Beauty Of A Genuine Product

After more than seven years of friendship, there’s one thing I can truly say about Ralf Becker. He always struggles to be one step ahead of others and, this is the most important thing, he succeeds. The spirit of Chromjuwelen was always based on authenticity and the idea to fill the term „car culture“ with life and energy.

While others printed more or less cool t-shirts and stickers to spread their words, this was never the way Ralf thought about this. Chromjuwelen was developed and grew up with a more sophisticated mindset. So here it is, the most impressive merchandise product I’ve ever seen – Chromjuwelen Motor Öl.

Just to make this sure, this is a dead serious product. Formulated by Mathé Classic, Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is true German engineering. Though nowadays even the cheapest products are of a higher quality than the top motor oils of the past, especially classic cars and show cars need some special treatment. On the road for only a few months per year these cars experience long periods of inactivity and base motor oils are not made for this. To make a long story short, every cold start after a longer period is a material killer. Besides that, the package design is just adorable and I bet a couple of those beautifully designed cans will end up in living rooms and offices.

I am deeply impressed, because this is so much better than a t-shirt, a sticker. This is a genuine car culture product. Now head over to Ralf’s site and pre-order that stuff.

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