Not Your Regular Reading // A Legend, A Book And A Gas Station

Steve McQueen, without any doubt, was the coolest guy on earth. His movies made him famous. But his life, his style and his lifestyle made him the icon he still is. Though he was a little choleric, had to struggle with dyslexia and, maybe that’s the worst part in this text, his favourite song was „Stayin‘ Alive“ by the Bee Gees. You didn’t know this? Well, that’s the perfect reason to read „Mein McQueen„.

Just after I bought this book I got in touch with Stefan Kruecken, he’s running the Ankerherz Verlag, a small but amazingly great publishing company. It took us 5 minutes and we developed the idea for a reading at a historic gas station in Hamburg. To make this project something serious, we just connected Ankerherz and Motoraver.

Stephan Benson, the German voice of Daniel Craig, and Isabelle Fischer read from this amazing book, while around 150 people sat inside and outside the workshop, listening excitedly. We declared this event the world’s first gas station reading, prove us wrong! Having such an awesome location, this amazing book and such talented readers makes it kind of easy to spend a really cool evening. Did I mention all the really nice classic cars, that showed up as well?

© All photos by Celly van Laatzen

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