STRLW // A Sneak Peek Of What’s Up Next

Having a little too much time I always end up starting something new. Recently I thought about all the car photos I took during the past years and figured out, I wanna share that stuff a little more. So there goes my spare time and a new project is born.

It’s gonna be called STRLW, a made up combination of letters, based on the historic name of the peninsula I live on. But this doesn’t really matter. These days I’m retouching some old photos and I just had a shooting for the new project exclusively.

Probably I’ll never be a „real“ photographer, but I’m quite sure this project will become something nice. So here’s a sneak peek of the mentioned shooting and until the new website is up and running you might wanna check the STRLW Facebook page, I already started.

Look, someone just left a Comment.

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