Automotive Industry // The Future Is Tomorrow, Not Today

Recently Volkswagen released the all-new Golf and I’m sure the 7th generation is, like all other generations before, even more a high quality car that proves German engineering is never wrong. On the other hand though, I’m not so sure how future-ready the automotive industry really is.

In their newest TV ad Volkswagen shows how Cover Flow can be used with their „Discover Pro“. Actually I think this is a great feature and it makes perfect sense to adapt it to cars as well. What shocked me is one simple fact. Apple released Cover Flow for mobiles devices more than 5 years ago. How hard can it be to adapt such technical improvements?

Now you could mention it takes ages to develop the new sat-nav systems and while a specific car model is already available you can’t do such technical changes in between. And probably you’re right, but I still think you’re wrong. Because the future is tomorrow and I want all the fancy gadget stuff of tomorrow around me. Not the 5 year old stuff that might be out of date in a couple of months. Think about it!

Thanks for the video, Hunger Karle. The copyright for the photo belongs to Volkswagen.