Old vs. New // Luckily, I Am Not The Majority

It’s no secret, I like older cars a lot. (I use the term old instead of classic, because I’d always choose a slightly worn out mid-70s coupe over of a fully restored model in perfect condition, which is rarely driven, to keep it shiny and valuable.) In fact, there are only a few modern production cars, I’d like to own and there are mainly two reasons for that.

First, I’m not really attracted by most of the modern cars out there and since a car is more to me, than just a vehicle to get from A to B, I want to be in love with it. It should be something I am really proud of, something I worship the way I worship my wife, something that makes me smile when I see or – even better – drive it. Sadly this is a detail most modern cars just can’t deliver, because they just have no heart and soul. They’re kind of shallow and pale. I want my mouth to get dry when I see it, my heart should beat like a drum and bass party when I sit behind the wheel and start the engine. I want to see the world in a wonderful new light, when I set off. Even if I’m just on the way to the supermarket, because I forgot to buy toiletpaper.

The second reason is even more simple. I can hardly afford a brand new car. Combining both facts brings us to an obvious conclusion.

Old cars are so much better than new cars. These modern plastic buckets are so unbelievably ugly and you can’t fix them yourselves. This is horrible. No one needs new cars. Have you seen the new Opel Mokka? It’s horrid. Have you seen the new Golf? It’s dreary? Have you seen the new … blah blah blah!

The thing is, though, hearing complaints like this almost everyday, leads me to one simple question. Are you aware of the fact, your beloved car companies wouldn’t exist anymore, if they stop developing new products?

I can have discussions like this almost daily, if I’d want to. And probably I would come up with almost the same arguments sooner or later. But we, those petrolheads preferring 30 years old cars over a shiny new Ford Focus with ABS, ESP, millions of airbags and other fancy gadgets, are not relevant at all. Luckily, we are not the majority.

On the other side there are people who do care about a brand new car. (And this is the majority!) They do want heated seats and steering wheels, they lust for a 1.4 liter engine with the most modern fuel injection magic you can imagine, because it’s economical. These people will buy a new car from time to time and they simply do not want to get their hands dirty on a technical thing that can move with a speed beyond 140 km/h.

So please stop discussing about the new Opel Adam, never mind the 2012 Ford Mondeo, simply don’t look at the new Mini and just ignore the Mercedes-Benz A-class, if you prefer that slightly worn out cars without computers and such. It’s fine, because the majority really kind of likes you for driving the same car, their grandfather once had.

I stick with you guys, until I can afford one of these cool new cars, full of fancy gadgets and an unbelievable amount of sensors and computers. You’ll be shocked!

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