The Hive // Let’s Talk About Bloggers

Maybe you’ve never heard of that European blog conference called „The Hive„, but you really should. Peggy and Yvonne describe their project like this: „The Hive is the buzzing place, where bloggers, big and small and of all kinds, get together with like minded people and marketers, who want to understand and work with bloggers. Speakers will help you see how you can make your blog better, bigger or prettier. We talk blogging for business, we talk blogging simply for fun. We talk about protecting your work and how your blog can support your work.“



Sounds like a great idea to me. I met Peggy back in May and we talked about the possibilities and chances. As a result I was asked to join the girls and I agreed. Now things are getting serious, I’ll be a speaker at „The Hive“ in 2013.

Maybe you wanna come around and watch some of the sessions? Of course there are much more speakers and most of them will look much better than me. Come along and spend your weekend at The Hive May, 25-26th 2013 in the betahaus in Berlin. I’m already really excited and this time I won’t talk about cars. Promised.

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