Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow // Let’s Start Even More Things


Once again, it’s the time of the year to say thank you, fuck you, hello and good bye. As promised, I started more things in 2012. In fact it was a pretty good year. A few things went wrong some others turned out absolutely great, as always.

STRLW is up and running, finally I started working self-employed, I gave various speeches, millions of good advices and a lot of passion.

I met a lot of great and inspiring people and spent not enough time with some others. I saw fabulous things and places while travelling west, north and south. I’ve learnt a lot of new things and probably lost the same amount of knowledge on the other hand. Thanks to:

Ralf for still being the guy with a good advice. Eric for being the coolest guy on earth and keeping the Swiss railway running. Dylan for having the greatest photos on Facebook. Helge for keeping my busy. Nettmann for being Berlin’s superhero number 1. Moritz for great Sushi and hours with Need for Speed. Max for growing up and kicking some lame bikers arses. To so many more people I met in 2012 for an espresso or a quick chat.

Thanks to all those really nice people, brands and agencies I worked with this year: Häberlein & Maurer, Neumann Luz, Advice, Pike Brothers, Hill & Knowlton and all those I simply forgot to mention. It was a pleasure.

The future is gonna be even better. Some more projects and ideas are in the making for 2013 and I can hardly wait to tell the world about it. I’m gonna be a speaker at „The Hive“ in May, this is gonna be awesome. I’ll finish the suspension set-up on my Porsche and probably there will be much more interesting and inspiring things happen. Can’t wait!

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