#Forddrive // I’ve been in Cologne and drove some Fords

Some days ago I was invited by Ford to take a closer look at the new Ford Fiesta ST. But I insisted on going further (yeah, that’s a really silly pun). So I did two photo shootings before the official event and I’m still not done with the photos. Shame on me, or maybe shame on all the other stuff I’m doing everyday.


So here’s a quick sneak peek at one of the cars I shot for STRLW. Yes, you’re right. THIS IS A FORD RS200 AND AFTER SPENDING HALF A DAY WITH IT I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE.


The second car (well, actually it was the first one) was a Ford Capri RS 2600 also a pretty amazing car with an astonishing sound and I wouldn’t complain if I had to own this one as well.

Ford Fiesta ST

And as mentioned I drove the Ford Fiesta ST. I could have driven various other models, but I didn’t want to. What a brilliant little car. It’d be senseless to describe how it drives, go and take a test drive. This is one of the few modern cars I’d like to own.

I really need to take some more time to write about this weekend in detail. Because there was also a detailed factory included, I spend a lot of time with Teymur in the Fiesta ST and talked to a lot of people. In the meantime take a look at my Instagram account, there are a few more photos.

The whole photo sets of the classic Fords will be online soon. Promised. At least I wrote something here again. I was quite busy for the last couple of months.