I spend a lot of my time online and there are several digital projects with my name on it. You can call it a network if you want to, though there are various websites with really different content. Maybe FL&G ist the place where everything finds a home.


Welcome to one of the most important design blogs in Germany. Though I prefer to call it an online magazine, Stilsucht is my playground for everything regarding design and lifestyle. Articles are released daily and I spend a lot of time doing this. There you go.


This is just a little side project I’m doing. I just moved in autumn 2011 and Fischzug is a Tumblr I’m using to share photos of how it looks like in my appartement. Welcome aboard.


The inventors of drivestyle became a home for me in 2010. I started reading the Motoraver Magazine in 2003 or 2004, I think and I always liked the idea and the attitude of it. The classic magazine doesn’t exist anymore but we’re still online and keep rolling. Step on the gas.


There are a lot of friends around, who are doing great online stuff and of course we’re working with each other for various projects. For example there’s my mate Ralf Becker running Chromjuwelen who is always around for a some good advice.