I do digital stuff, mainly things my mother wouldn’t understand. But I’m sure you will. Actually here should be a list of the stuff I did so far, so I collected some projects that have to be in here, but of course that’s just a rough overview.

Stilsucht – During the past years this project became one of the leading online magazines about design in Germany. Discover some great new (and sometimes even classic) design and lifestyle stuff every day.

Fischzug – What is it like when someone who constantly writes about design, moves and sets up his apartment? Here’s your chance to find out, welcome to my living room.

Chromjuwelen – For more than 3 years this was my digital home regarding all high-octane related things. With Ralf Becker and Chris Stegemann, we walked drove the more interesting roads besides the highway and I’m still proud of what this project has become.

Motoraver – In 1999 some guys from the north started their own business, just because the existing print magazines were stubborn und boring. Even though this punkrock-old-car magazine doesn’t exist anymore, we’re still alive and kicking. 2011 was the year of rebirth and a new website maybe keeps some more people from buying soulless plastic cars.

Fuel+Food – This series of regular classic car meetings startet in 2005 and still exists, though the name (and the style) changed. The mix of online and offline activity made this project really interesting for a couple of years.

Workshops – I know how your company should talk to bloggers and digital influencers. I know a lot of dead serious things about digital communication and social media voodoo. And I’m willing to share my knowledge with you.

Writing – I’ve never studied journalism or anything like this. I just started writing about the things I love and understand. Maybe you just want me to write you a postcard from my holidays.

Photography – Actually I would never call myself a photographer. But I guess special situations need special solutions and since I worked as an Art Director for more than 10 years I think I know how to make things look good.

As you can see there are two main topics in my work life and both – design/interior design and cars – are important parts of my private life as well. So I know what I am talking/writing about. But I’m not trapped between these thematic areas, I just need something to burn for.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Whether you want to know my point of view on digital brand strategies, if you really should get into this fancy social media stuff or how I could help you in any other way.